P280 Savings Calculator

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Step 1 - Pool Size
Total Litres

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Step 2 - Electricity Cost

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Step 3 - Pump Size

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Step 4 - Operating Hours

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Step 5 - Pump Speed


Annual Saving based on your current operating hours $
Monthly Saving based on your NEW operating hours $
Annual Power cost of your current pump $
Viron P280 annual operating cost $
Annual CO2 emissions from Conventional Pump (CO2 at 1.1kg/kw hr) kgs
Annual CO2 emissions from Viron Pump kgs
Annual Greenhouse Gas Reduction kgs
Annual Carbon Balloon Reduction (50gms of CO2 per balloon) balloons
Current complete water turnovers each day (summer)
P280 complete turnovers each day (summer) (Minimum Turnover required is once per day)

Monthly pump running cost


Based on emissions from power produced by coal fired power plants.

For sufficient chlorination and circulation, pump will usually need to operate for 8hrs /day